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May                 Habitat for Humanity trip to Pitesti, Romania

August             First photography website
October           First image sold to a personal collector

June                Two images sold at Irish Repertory Theater Spring Gala
August             First commissioned portrait  sitting
October           Five images sold at Nan A. Lightstone Foundation Fall benefit
November        One hundred images sold to Carl Zeiss Lens Corporation to decorate their
                      corporate headquarters' offices, hallways, and waiting rooms

May                 Habitat for Humanity trip to Gliwice, Poland
June                Three images sold at Irish Repertory Theater Spring Gala
October           Seven images sold at Nan A. Lightstone Foundation Fall benefit

June                 Neighborhood Opening at the Shining Star Restaurant on 78th Street and
                       Amsterdam where several works have since been sold to area residents and
                       tourists. Nineteen images still decorate the dining room for an indefinite period of time
Besides portraiture work, private collector purchases, works being sold and used by on-line news agencies, and
newsletters, below is a time-line of the major turning points and events in my professional and artistic career:
The need to share with others the life that I witness has always been a part of my communicative
nature. The desire to improve upon life's imperfections has also been an inner longing.   It is no
wonder that five years ago on a Habitat for Humanity trip to Romania, where I was working with
friends and family to help improve the lives of a low income family by renovating their apartment,
that my passion for photography was born.

Documenting the trip was my main goal.  I had no idea that the photos I brought back would
inspire a website, result in  personal collectors purchasing my work, the selling of my photos at
various charity events, a permanent art installation in a major corporate headquarters, and a
neighborhood art opening that ended in the selling of several of my images.

If one were to categorize my work, it would probably be termed "street photography".  My personal
technique is to take my camera with me wherever I decide to explore, and photograph the
beautiful, poignant, and amusing visions that I encounter.   On this website I have tried to present a
collection of some my most touching, fun,  and romantic images by creating a narrative of a
shared life's journey.

I hope you enjoy the website and come back often. I will update by adding links to other displays,
such as my self-portrait works which range from dramatic to comedic, and other projects that
unfold as time moves forward.


Richard Nesbit
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